Diamond Vancouver


There is an unmistakable shimmer and sparkle associated with diamonds that you just don’t get with other stones. That’s why they have remained so popular for so long and have earned their reputation as a girl’s best friend.

Recent years have seen increased demand for ethically sourced diamonds and at Arctic Fame we’re proud to say that all our mined diamonds are sourced right here in Canada and are 100% conflict-free. Canadian diamond mines are relatively new to the party and are all mined in line with the Kimberley Process, an international, multi-stakeholder initiative put together to increase transparency and oversight of diamond mining in to eliminate trade in conflict diamonds.

The drive for conflict-free diamonds has also brought about an increase demand for lab grown diamonds. These are genuine diamonds that have the same chemical and physical make up as diamonds which have been formed below the surface of the earth over millions of years, but are produced in a lab in around 7-10 days.

The speed at which lab grown diamonds are produced makes them more affordable than mined diamonds so you can often get a better quality or larger diamond for your money by choosing lab grown over mined diamonds.

The great thing is, both lab grown and mined diamonds are graded according to the same scale so whether aesthetics and sparkle are most important to you or you want like the romance of a stone that was millennia in the making, there is a diamond for you.

Diamonds are, of course, a symbol of unbreakable love and are the most popular choice of stone for engagement rings. They are used, however, in a wide variety of settings and our diamond collection includes diamond pendants, diamond bracelets and diamond earrings.

You can see a selection of what we have to offer online, but to see the full range and to truly appreciate the majesty of the stones, get yourself down to one of our stores. We have locations across Vancouver in some of the most popular shopping areas. Find us at:

  • 942 Park Royal South
  • Metropolis AT Metrotown, Burnaby
  • Willowbrook Shopping Center, Langley
  • Richmond Center, Richmond

Every girl deserves diamond jewelry. It is the classic stone and suits so many occasions. It’s also an investment and is given on special occasions so becomes part of your life story.

For the very best in mined and lab grown diamonds, pop down and speak to one of our diamond experts.