Goldsmith Vancouver


Gold jewelry is stunning and beautiful – but it’s also an investment. It holds monetary value but it also forms part of the fabric of your life story. It might hold precious memories of personal experiences or bring back images of loved ones who have passed away. Whatever the circumstances, when you need your gold jewelry repaired or altered, you need to know it’s in safe hands. Likewise, if you order a piece of bespoke jewelry, you expect it to be created by a master craftsman to ensure excellence and longevity.

Here at Arctic Fame, we have the embodiment of excellence and longevity in Tommy, a goldsmith of 40+ years. Based at our Metrotown store in Vancouver, Tommy has been designing, creating, repairing and amending gold jewelry in his atelier for more than 4 decades and is one of Vancouver’s most skilled and respected goldsmiths.

Tommy uses traditional techniques that have been formed over centuries to ensure the best finish on every piece of jewlery. As a classically trained goldsmith, Tommy’s style and forms are influenced by in-depth knowledge of the metals he works with. From elegant curves on rings to earrings that caress the jaw line, Tommy’s knowledge and ability with precious metals is second to none and his eye for detail is exceptional.

We’ve lost count of how many special says and precious memories have been enhanced by Tommy’s handiwork, but it’s fair to say the pieces he has created or amended have touched thousands of hearts.

We understand the true value of each and every piece of jewelry you own and we know how important it for each to look its very best at all times. That’s why we insist on the best materials to work with, the best tools and techniques for each job, and the best individuals to achieve perfection.

If you have any jewelry that you have stopped wearing because it no longer fits or is damaged, or if you would love to wear that item of jewelry you inherited but fear it may be too fragile, come and see us at Arctic Fame, Metropolis At Metrotown, Burnaby to talk to us about reviving it.

Using his extensive experience and knowledge, Tommy will be able to advise you on whether a fix is possible and what you could expect from your jewelry in terms of look, feel and longevity.

For more information about the full extent of our in-store Goldsmith services, get in touch or speak to staff in any of our Vancouver stores.