How to Choose an Engagement Ring

We have so many customers looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring for their other half, wondering where to start!

Well, people get overwhelmed with so many information about loose diamonds or so called unset diamonds, different variety of diamond shapes, engagement ring settings or engagement ring styles!

We want to make the engagement ring shopping process short and sweet for you, so that this exciting process would be as much memorable as you wish.

Tip #1-  Set an approximate budget for yourself

2-month-salary rule of thumb no more working! There are variety of diamond shapes, ring styles or setting in different qualities and metal contents. If you are not sure about the budget, just visit one of our stores near you or book a free online consultation to get some more information. 

Tip #2 - Educate yourself on diamonds

There is a lot of online information about diamonds. Try not to go for every detail of diamond education, as you cannot be an expert in a week or a month. We suggest to pick the diamond shape and educate yourself fully on the 4cs (carat weight, cut, color and clarity) 

Tip #3 - Don’t sacrifice Cut over Clarity

Specially if the diamond is smaller than 1ct, do not sacrifice cut over clarity. Cut is responsible for all the sparkle and scintillation. 

Tip #4 - Be smart to choose the right clarity

Natural inclusions in diamonds can affect the price hugely! It’s always nice to go with the best clarity, but if you are looking for a good value diamond , go for SI1 or SI2 which is clear to the naked eyes

Tip #5 - Yellow Tint color diamonds 

The best value diamond ranged from G-H-I which are near colorless

If you can stretch your budget definitely go for E-F-G which are colorless 

Tip #6 Bigger carat diamonds are not necessarily nicer

Consider setting, finger size, budget and diamond shape

If you still strive for bigger ones, but cannot increase the budget, go with fancy shapes, or choose close to round carats, e.g. 0.9, 1.9,2.9 etc

Tip #7 Always ask for the certificates

It's always good to have the proper paperwork for your jewelry pieces, not only for the insurance purposes, but to give you a piece of mind about your purchase

Tip#8 Do not buy under pressure

Our knowledgeable team of diamond advisors and designers will educate you and will work hard to find the right style. 

Check out our google reviews to make sure at Arctic Fame Diamonds, we provide a very friendly, non-pressured environment to give you the confidence of picking the right style by trusting your own instinct!

Tip #9 Fall in love with the ring ultimately  

Rather than being rational, try to decide with your heart