Education - Wedding Bands

Wedding Band Styles

Wedding bands should be a nice match with a specific engagement ring. Some diamond engagement rings like solitaires can be matched easily with most of the diamond wedding bands in the market, meanwhile some other styles like a halo design with lower setting needs to be perfectly matched with a curved diamond band.

Classic wedding bands

Comfort fit (classic fit) wedding bands including a variety of high dome to low dome shape designs or flat (pipe cut) wedding bands. The classic wedding band can feature different width from 2mm to 8mm, with a diamond or as a plain band, satin finished or brushed finished to satisfy every tastes.

Carved wedding bands

Carved wedding bands are the most sought-after rings after diamond bands. The carved or patterned design has more of an elegant and modern touch comparing to plain classic bands. At Arctic Fame Diamonds we do have a huge collection of men’s and women's carved wedding bands in various width, colors and gold contents to fit your budget.

Half-eternity diamond wedding bands

Half-eternity diamond wedding bands can feature numerous diamond cuts (round brilliant, princess cut, oval, cushion, asscher,etc) and various ring settings like prong-set, pave-set or channel-set to perfectly match the engagement ring. This type of diamond engagement ring is easier to size up or size down comparing to full-eternity diamond rings.

Full-eternity diamond wedding bands

Eternity rings signifies the eternal love, so if you are celebrating a milestone anniversary or an everlasting love, this type of wedding band is the best choice. Eternity diamond wedding rings can also feature numerous diamond cuts and various setting designs to make a statement. You only need to be careful of what ring size to choose.

Alternative Metal

We have a huge collection of alternative metal wedding bands which are designed with carbon fiber and gold to make a statement.