Pearls Vancouver


Throughout history, pearls have been synonymous with female empowerment. Cleopatra always wore pearl earrings. The most famous painting of Queen Elizabeth I sees her bedecked in pearls. And her namesake, Queen Elizabeth II is rarely seen without her signature three-strand pearl necklace. The great and good of Hollywood have embraced this unique stone too. Recent years have seen Michelle Obama sporting the pearl look, and America’s first female Vice President, Kamala Harris was sworn in to office wearing a pearl necklace.

So, what is it about pearls that makes such an emblem of female strength and stature?

There is a simplicity about pearls that make them visually attractive. But their opaque nature marks them out as different from many other stones. This combination of pureness and solidity makes pearls both empowering and elegant. They convey strength alongside femininity and command respect.

Pearls have a sheen and soft glow that is unashamedly blingless yet proudly graceful. Their long history of being worn by powerful women such as queens and first ladies has been driven by their powerful sophistication while at the same time further enhancing their reputation as the go-to gemstone for empowering, and empowered, women.

At Arctic Fame, we have been proudly supplying the women of Vancouver with pearl jewelry for ** years. Available at stores in Willowbrook Shopping Center in Langley, Richmond Center in Richmond, Park Royal South in West Vancouver and Metropolis At Metrotown in Burnaby, our in-store range of diamonds far exceeds what you can see on our website.

Pearl is a stone equally at home when paired with business wear or evening wear. The combination of glamor and power conveyed by pearl jewelry can give you the edge in business meetings while also demonstrating your feminine charm. Pearls indicate that you’re a woman not to be messed with.

It can be used as for necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings with the same effect of showing the world that you’re proud of who you are.

Traditionally, the quality of pearls is determined using five criteria:

  • Shape – Pearls come in many beautiful shapes but those that are perfectly round are considered the most valuable.
  • Lustre – The more mirror-like the surface of the pearl, the better its quality
  • Color – The most precious pearls have an even color across their surface
  • Size – Bigger pearls are generally worth more
  •  Nacre thickness – The metallic lustre that covers the pearl is called the nacre. The thicker the nacre, the better quality the pearl