Jewelry Repair Vancouver


No matter how well-crafted it is and how well you look after it, there are times when an item of jewelry loses its allure. Clasps come lose, the precious metal becomes damaged or a link on your bracelet or necklace breaks. But jewelry is not something to be discarded when it breaks. It’s too important for that. It’s part of your life and holds cherished memories. Neither do you want to consign it to the jewelry box or attic where you’ll longer be able to see it or show it off.

So, when your jewelry breaks, what you need is an experienced and reliable goldsmith to restore it to former glories. And at Arctic Fame we have just the man. Our goldsmith, Tommy, has more than 40 years of experience in making and mending gold and platinum jewelry and making it as good as new.

From his atelier in our Metrotown store, Tommy uses traditional techniques to repair and restore, ring, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. But you don’t need to travel to our Metrotown store to have your jewelry repaired. We have stores across Vancouver so if you’re more local to Willowbrook Shopping Center in Langley, Richmond Center in Richmond or Park Royal South in West Vancouver you can take your jewlery there and we can transport it over top Tommy to complete the repair.

When Tommy received your precious piece, he’ll cast his expert eye over it to determine the best fix and then get on with the practical task of restoring it.

We understand how precious your gold and platinum jewelry is to you. Each piece represents a significant moment in your life or a memory of somewhere or someone special to you. You quite rightly insist on it only being handled by someone who is classically trained and has extensive experience in bringing jewelry back to life. We have just the man to do that.

Our jewelry repair services include:

  • Ring sizing up or down
  • Supplying missing diamonds or gemstones
  • Retipping claws
  • Polishing and Rhodium plating
  • Diamond ring appraisals
  • Changing the backing of earrings
  • Unsetting or resetting stones
  • Changing or supplying new spring or lobster clasps
  • Adjusting bracelet and necklace sizes

When jewelry becomes damaged, it shouldn’t be the end of its life. With a lot of training and a little TLC it can be restored so you can carry on wearing your favorite pieces and keeping those memories alive.