Custom Make Jewelry Vancouver


Little girls dream big. They dream of sparkles, of diamonds and of the fabulous outfits and magnificent jewlery they’ll wear when they grow up. We all did it, and we know that the girls of today are doing it too.

Thankfully, there are plenty of classic diamond cuts and timeless jewelry designs out there, so those pieces you dreamt of as a child are still to be found in jewlery shops when you grow up – so you really can realise those childhood dreams of glamor and elegance!

But sometimes, you might only be able to find a piece of jewelry that looks similar to (even almost identical to) what’s in your mind’s eye. Whether the piece you envisage is something that has stayed with you since childhood or recently been dreamt up - there are times when only ‘exactly what I want’ will do. And for those times, we offer custom make jewelry in Vancouver at all our stores.

Custom make jewelry puts you in charge of every decision – and what you end up with is truly one of a kind!

Choose the style of jewelry and add the gemstone of your choice. We’ll make up a computer drawing and send it for your approval. View it from all sides and let us know if any revisions are required. Once any changes have been made and you give us the go-ahead, we set to work crafting your bespoke designed jewelry.

Then it’s over to you to wear it with pride.

If you like the idea of custom designed jewelry but don’t have an idea in your head about what you’d like, check out our jewelry range online or come and see us at one of our stores in Vancouver at:

  • 942 Park Royal South
  • Metropolis AT Metrotown, Burnaby
  • Willowbrook Shopping Centre, Langley
  • Richmond Centre, Richmond

Have a look at the variety available and let your imagination run wild. Ask yourself “What if that ring had this stone?” or “How would that diamond cut look against platinum instead of yellow gold?” You can speak to any of our expert jewelers for ideas and inspiration, and remember, we don’t start work on your bespoke made jewelry until we receive your approval – so nothing is off limits at the design stage!

There is something very special about owning a piece of unique jewelry. It’s a statement, a conversation starter and an heirloom.

It’s also great fun to design. For more information, call us or pop into one of our Vancouver stores to talk about your dream of designing your own piece of jewelry.