Verragio Engagement Rings Collection


The most affluent and designer engagement rings brand of today has come up after years of hard work, vision, creativity and designing .

The intrinsic detailing, conceptual visualization  make it a brand worth holding your breath and look at.  The collections have been designed from different era, local flavor and fragrance of European and Roman culture. The Halo Setting, Solitaire setting are well aligned with small beading work, pave setting, filigree and detailing. Engagement Rings and Wedding bands are most sought after possession for all kinds of people on one side whereas on other side many premier brands claim to be the most trusted,  luxurious and magnificent ones.

What surprises most is that Verragio engagement ring designs are not static and fixed but it offers the wide flexibility to customers to change the center diamonds size , shape, plating, metal contents as per their preference making the ring design look completely different and unique for each person. It extend the capacity of collection and make the collection seamless for any individual who loves to be different, noticeable and precious. The moments when you take big turns in life get memorable when accompanied by this affluent collection.

The Verragio brand features some magnificent collections like Venetian, Insignia, Classic, Couture, Parisian and Renaissance. Each collection has its remarkable beauty and charismatic personality.

Verragio – Parisian Engagement Rings Collection

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As we can read on Verragio site, some precious words to see the journey of Verragio —

Barry  Verragio

In his over 25 year career as a designer of fine jewelry for some of the most well-known names in jewelry manufacturing, Barry Verragio has learned the value of craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

Barry first learned the craft of creating jewelry as an apprentice. To enhance his natural designing abilities, Barry studied at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Having mastered ring design, he eventually paved the way to establishing his own company, based on the development of his then exclusive setting technique. This very setting technique was just the beginning of the realization that the possibilities were truly endless when designing an engagement ring. :Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” says Verragio. “This is the exact theory that has fueled me to believe that one should never settle for average.”

With the growth of Verragio over the years, Barry’s vision has become anything but average. Verragio continues to create engagement rings and wedding bands that are cutting edge, but with a classic foundation, for today’s discerning bride-to-be. Being able to create and offer an engagement ring that is truly unlike any other is the driving force of Barry’s motivation today.