Diamond, Moissanite or Lab created diamonds?!

Always coveting for an extravagant bling but wondering for a diamond or a bigger option of moissanite or lab grown diamonds?!To shed light on the subject, we provide you with some practical information.

You may be an environmental activist or an individual who cares a lot for our planet earth; then you may be interested in moissanite or lab created diamond due to their environmental sustainability. On the other hand, you may be a planet saver with a tendency toward a romantic and artistic instinct who cannot break away from the seduction of the one-of-a-kind nature’s art, diamonds!

Surfing all over the web, you can find tons of pros and cons for diamonds versus lab created diamonds and moissanites. You can find a summary of what is going on in the market nowadays: 

Pros Cons
Moissanite & lab grown diamonds are famous for their environmental sustainability people may not know the value of the stone & consider it fake
Know the origin of your diamond for the  conflict or blood diamond As lab grown helps support more advanced economies, it takes job away from developing economies
Save 10- 30%, the saving go up if looking for a colored lab created diamond, but you can save more on an moissanite not considered as one-of -a-kind and nature’s art
Something new & exciting therefore it’s trendy No history & tradition behind it, the romantic notion is lost
Looks like real diamonds some in the industry refer to lab grown diamonds as fakes (completely false)
the colored ones are better options  especially for work,  they are not as durable as the real diamonds though Natural diamonds retain average 50% of its value, whereas for lab created there’s  no resale value
Lab created diamonds are more trusted when comes in GIA or IGI, and for moissanite you can go with Charles & Clovard Co. who have greater brand name recognition. The biggest con associated with lab grown diamonds is the high price tag of the  colorless synthetic diamonds
Most fancy color synthetic diamonds are only available in sizes up to 2 carats, & 1 carat is usually the largest size of synthetic colorless diamonds

Either being an environment savvy or not, your engagement ring should reflect your true love as it will carry the sentimental value for ever, so listen to your heart! If you like the history and tradition behind a diamond and believe in the romantic notion, then definitely go for the most unique nature’s art, diamonds. In case you have your heart set on something new, exciting and trendy, then you can be in the market for a moissanite or a lab created diamond.

Just to bear in mind that natural diamonds retain average value of 50%, whereas for lab grown diamonds there would be no resale value.

                                                                              Beth Behfar, Jewelry Blogger