Looking for a ring that could hold various meanings for different occasions?

Three-stone engagement rings are versatile!

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present” you may all heard of this famous quote, but you may not know how to relate this to your most phenomenal part of your life – to wear your heart on your sleeves and buy an engagement ring-.

If you know your girlfriend for a long time or if your anniversary is coming up and you want to symbolize the journey of your life together, surprise her with a three-stone ring or so called Past-Present-Future ring. Each piece of stone signifies the past which is healed, the present to live and the future to reverie.

The three-stone ring could hold different meanings for different occasions like engagement, anniversary or having a sweet addition to your family.

Throughout my years of experience in jewelry, there comes people looking for a nice gift for having their second kid and I suggested them the three-stone ring which they love after hearing the interpretation. Each piece of stone represents your dearest ones and the ring depicts you connecting and supporting all the family together.  That’s how versatile the ring is!

At Fame Diamonds, we know the momentousness of the occasion and we help you designing your three-stone or any other dream ring. You can ask for some of the following changes to make the ring look more memorable and unique for your love.

  • The ring can be designed to incorporate a precious or semi-precious stone. You can also play with different sizes and shapes of the stones to give it an unalike look

  • The ring can also be accented with some side diamonds for a dazzling appearance

  • The ring can be designed fancier by adding one or three diamond halo surroundings

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Three-stone rings are getting more popular now that Meghan Markle becomes Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry designed her three-stone ring featuring a cushion cut center stone from Botswana, where the couple spent time shortly after they met, and the side stones belonged to Princess Diana to make them feel she is always with them throughout their journey.

At Fame Diamonds you can depict symbols of your journey of life on any innovative styles of a three-stone ring for any indelible occasion.

                                                                               Beth Behfar, Jewelry Blogger