How to Choose the Best Jewelry Gift on Mother’s Day

Jewelry makes a great gift at any time of year – including Mother’s Day. There is nothing quite like that magic moment when a gift box is exchanged. The excitement is palpable, and it never fails to put a smile on the face of both the giver and the receiver.the-best-mothers-day-gifts-for-her

But one of the best things about giving jewlery as a Mother’s Day gift is its longevity. Your mom becomes the proud owner of something beautiful, something she can wear at any time to display how much you love her, something chosen by you for her.

So, what is the best jewellery to give your mom on Mother’s Day?

It really depends on her tastes, any special memories you may have that can be embodied in it, and your budget.

When it comes to buying for the woman that nurtured you and who you love with all your heart, you want to splash out and give her the best you can afford.

And why not?

To help you select the best gift of jewellery for your mom, we’ve put together some ideas to inspire you.

Mother’s Day gifts under $500

Birthstone jewellery is a popular gift to give moms on Mother’s Day. Why not get your mom a pair of birthstone earrings for just $229.99 with your birthstone as a centerpiece. If you have siblings, you could each give a pair containing your birthstone so your mom has the full set and can choose the right pair to match any occasion or outfit. You can also find the matching pendant and rings to add up to the glamour!


Mother’s Day is all about expressing your love for your mom. And nothing says ‘I love you’ like a heart-shaped diamond. This stunning diamond pendant is both beautiful and striking. It displays elegance and represents the unbreakable bond between mother and child. It is the perfect gift for her special day and available for just $218.94.


If you’re looking for something a little different to give this Mother’s Day, how about a loose moissanite?


Moissanite displays many of the properties you see in a diamond but is more affordable. It is second only to diamond on the Mohs Scale and, to the naked eye, is just as stunning as a diamond.

A loose stone will give your mom the freedom to get creative. She can choose to use it as part of a pendant, bracelet or ring to create her very own piece of bespoke jewelry. She could even use it as the center stone in a mother’s ring surrounded by the birthstones of her children.

At just $297.50, this 0.5CT stone is more than just a gift, it’s the gateway to an experience.


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Gifts for first-time moms

Any mother’s first Mother’s Day is an important celebration. It is something of a milestone and you want to make it special. A solitaire diamond necklace makes a unique Mother’s Day gift that she will treasure forever.


Solitaire diamonds will never go out of fashion so this is a gift that will be just as stylish and sophisticated when she has grandchildren. She will be able to attend all those major life events wearing this stunning piece of jewelry that suits any occasion and any outfit.


At $1195, this is an investment in future happiness and glorious memories of being a first-time mom.

Alternatively, you may want to recognize this new chapter with a circle of life necklace.


The circle of life symbolises eternity, life, wholeness and perfection. Giving it as a gift is a sign of eternal love. If you are presenting a gift to your spouse or partner on behalf of your baby, the circle of life necklace represents the eternal bond that all three of you share and makes the ideal Mother’s Day gift for a new mom.

For those on a budget, how about a pair of daisy stud earrings?


Flowers are synonymous with Mother’s Day and are a pleasure to give and receive. But while real flowers fade, these earrings make a beautiful gift and will act as a permanent reminder of her first ever Mother’s Day.

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High-end jewelry for moms

If you’re looking to really splash out on your mom this year, check out our range of high-end jewelry items.

This stunning Canadian diamond pendant retails at $4999 and is simply gorgeous. Dripping with glamour and oozing sophistication, it is a piece that could be worn everyday but will truly come to life as the piece de resistance of a ballgown or any other sumptuous outfit. It’s classy, elegant and ethical.


If earrings are more your mom’s thing, you can stick to the flower theme with this delightful pair of diamond cluster floral earrings.

A little more understated than the pendant yet still displaying the trademark diamond sparkle that grabs the eye and sparks conversation, these are everyday earrings that will make her proud to say, ‘These? My child bought them for me.’


Returning to tokens of love, this heart-shaped diamond pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is layered with symbolism and sparkle. The heart within a heart represents the way your mom has always loved and protected you. The two touching stones in the middle display the mutual affection and appreciation you share. And the diamonds, just like your relationship, make the whole thing sparkle.


This year, Mother’s Day in Canada falls on May 8. There is plenty of time to browse our full range of perfect gifts for moms and to consider what your gift says to the most fundamentally important lady in your life.

Jewelry is a timeless gift that brings joy to the heart and puts a spring in the step. It even makes the ideal gift for the mom who doesn’t want anything.