Want to celebrate your immortalize love and unending future for any occasion?

Get her an eternity ring as a token of love!

Eternity rings are very challenging to make from the moment of craftsmanship to finding and setting coherent diamonds in size, shape, cut, color and clarity to give off an ultimate sparkle.

If you are looking for a sparkly and chic wedding band or if you want to commemorate a special occasion like a milestone wedding anniversary, welcoming a sweat addition to your family or Valentine ’s Day, the best choice is to go for an eternity ring as it can be worn on any finger.

Eternity bands can come with different diamond shapes to indulge extensive variety of tastes. Here you can find a brief guide to pick the decent diamond ring:

  • Round Brilliant cut diamonds are classic and everlasting with enough sparkle to allure

  • Princess cut diamonds are instinctively fierce and demonstrate strength and positivity

  • Emerald cut diamonds ooze elegance and romance- Picked by vintage wearers

  • Cushion cut diamonds exude a soft and feminine look

  • Pear or Marquise cut diamonds are traditional with a twist which leaves a memorable impression

  • Oval cut diamonds are feminine and sparkly, suitable for unique and extraordinary tastes

  • Asscher cut diamonds with a retro look are very enticing for women in love with collections of antiquities

  • Radiant cut diamonds are extraordinary and are enticing for whom has enough of a remarkable taste

For shopping an online eternity band, it is very important to be careful of picking the right ring size, as many jewelry retailers cannot resize this type of ring. But at Famediamonds if you choose a close enough ring size, our on-site professional goldsmith can make it happen for you. Just contact us via a live chat or call one of our stores for more information.

                                                                               Beth Behfar, Jewelry Blogger