4 Steps to Take When You’re Ready to Propose

So, you’ve decided she’s the one. Now for the proposal. It's a massive step and will be one of the biggest steps in both your lives. So, naturally you want to make it perfect.


To help you plan your big moment, we’ve put together these top 4 tips for the perfect Vancouver proposal:


  • 1- Choose the ideal engagement ring


    The engagement ring you give is more than just a token of your undying love. It is a physical symbol of the bond you share and will be worn on her finger for years to come. It’s the piece of jewelry that she can proudly display when she goes back to work or meets up with friends and clearly states ‘I’m in love and I’m getting married.’


    If you’re lucky (or cunning), you may have already had discussions about the style of engagement ring she wants and will have given yourself a head start when choosing the perfect engagement ring according to your bride-to-be's preference. She may have even pointed out a ring to you at some stage throughout your relationship. But even if that is the case, don’t go rushing straight for it without checking all your options.


    Think about why she liked a ring. What characteristics did it have? Was it the size, shape or sparkle of the stone that really caught her eye? Were there sentimental reasons for her love of it? By focusing on why she honed in on a particular ring, you may be able to find something better - one she hasn’t yet seen but which will love even more.


    The ring you choose will need to complement her style and match any existing jewelry. You’ll need to consider practicalities too. If she plans to wear it every day, a large stone may not always be the best choice. And there is always the option of two engagement rings - one for everyday wear and one for special occasions.


    If you want a contemporary ring, look for a big fancy cut diamond such as a cushion, pear or an oval engagement ring, or perhaps an emerald cut. For a lady with thicker fingers, an oval or pear cut can help them to look longer and more slender. Alternatively, hidden halo style rings are very popular these days and provide maximum sparkle on a budget.

    This setting features a moissanite center piece with some accent diamonds

    For a more classic style, look no further than a round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring with a solitaire setting




    Is your loved one motivated by sustainability? Then consider Canadian diamonds that have been mined according to the world’s highest environmental standards.


    If you’re overwhelmed by the choice of engagement rings, speak to a diamond expert at Arctic Fame Diamonds. Our experienced team will help you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring - or maybe even create something truly unique using our custom made engagement ring service. 


    And if you still can’t decide - speak to a friend or family member. They may know exactly the look she is after from her engagement ring- and they’ll just love being in on the secret!

  • 2- Buy from a trusted store

  • This is crucial. If you’re working to a tight budget, you may be looking for a diamond substitute such as moissanite. Alternatively, lab-grown diamonds might be your thing if you want a real diamond but don’t have enough to purchase the size of diamond you want.


    Both of these are perfectly legitimate options, but you need to know that what you pay for is what you get. Moissanite and lab-grown diamonds will not be obvious to the naked eye and there are some unscrupulous outlets that will exploit consumers and sell these cheaper options as mined diamonds.


    Make sure the store you buy from has positive reviews and sells GIA approved diamonds


    At Fame Diamonds we have excellent reviews and 4 physical jewelry stores in Vancouver to give you peace of mind and confidence.


  • 3- Make sure you get fantastic after sale service 

  • It’s not just the ring that’s important. The after sale service is crucial too. Remember, this is all about perfection. We’re going to assume here that you know your better half’s ring size, but even then, getting it to fit perfectly on her finger may take a little adjustment. So, you’re looking for a local jewelry store in Vancouver with an onsite goldsmith.

    There is also the long term care of the ring to consider. What will you do if it becomes damaged? 

    Both of these considerations are already taken care of at Arctic Fame Diamonds. We have an instore goldsmith on hand for repairs and alterations. And we also offer a range of service plans, details of which you can get by popping into one of our stores or giving us a ring.


  • 4- Prepare the environment

  • Ok, you have the ring. Now to make the setting exquisite. It’s not just about getting down on one knee - consider the ambience and atmosphere. You want this to be a treasured memory, so attention to detail is key. Imagine it in your mind’s eye and through a photo lens.


    The opportunity is there for this moment to be captured in both of your memories and in a photo. Think about the time of day that you want to propose; a beautiful sunset makes a stunning backdrop to the occasion. Also, if you’re planning to propose in a park or at the beach, you may not want your special moment spoiled by kids playing or a frisbee landing between the two of you.


    In Vancouver, the famous cherry blossom adds a touch of romance to the city from early January through to May. So use it. Check out the area. Find a park or secluded area where the blossom is blooming and make your proposal there.


    If you prefer something a bit more private, book a hotel or decorate your home with roses, candles and other props that mean something to the two of you. Maybe hire a band or a soloist to play while you eat or to provide a soundtrack as you take your beloved onto the balcony and present her with the ring.


    The possibilities are endless. So let your imagination flow. Be creative. Be romantic. Do something surprising. Something that she will always remember fondly.

    With everything prepared, all that’s left is to pluck up the courage to make both of your dreams come true!

                                                                                  Beth Behfar, Jewelry Blogger