Valentine’s day ultimate gift guide 2022 for her


When February 14 rolls around, lovers, couples and BFFS exchange love notes, chocolates, flowers and jewelry gifts to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter if you know your partner for a decade and made it social media official yet or you just started getting to know each other, Cupid’s birthday is the best time to express your love.

Nowadays more than ever,  lovers tend to spend the most on jewelry gifts. Chocolates are next and flowers are at the end of the list.


Fun facts about Valentine’s Day:

1- Over 6 million couples get married on February 14th each year to celebrate love! It is the most popular day to get on one knee and propose to the love of your life.

2- Wearing your heart on your sleeve is not a phrase, it is a part of tradition to express a true feeling! Once upon a time young men and women used to draw names for their Valentine’s potential partners, then they pinned the name to their sleeve for one week so that everyone would know their supposed true feelings. 

3- Pink and red are the most popular colors for candies, chocolates and gift wraps. Lovers mostly buy heart shaped jewelries, circle of love, endless love and solitaire designs; They also buy more rose gold colors to impress their partners with this romantic color.

4- Valentine’s Day is not specifically for lovers! Any kind of love can be celebrated on Valentine's day. If you have a pet you adore or you want to show your love to your mom or dad, or your BFF Feb 14th is the best day to express your true feelings. 

5- Valentine’s Day celebration during a pandemic is a challenge. Some people are not willing to go to restaurants as much these days. Well … the good news is that you can save money and buy jewelry pieces which can last forever and signifies your true love.

All those fun facts gave us a clear direction of what to buy depending on your budget and relationship extent. But when it comes to jewelry pieces, you can pick the right gift based on how serious your relationship is.

1- The Most popular engagement rings 2022 for this Valentine’s Day





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2- The best value jewelry pieces for a semi-serious relationship







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 3- Higher end jewelry pieces for more serious relationship





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