Top 5 Men’s Wedding Band styles

It’s perfectly natural that the bride’s engagement ring steals the show when you first announce your intended nuptials. That’s part of the romance and drama of the engagement. And it’s easy to think it’ll be the same come the wedding day. The bridal party is usually the star attraction with the groom and his groomsmen complementing the girls outfits.

But things are a bit different when it comes to wedding rings. The giving and receiving of rings is an important part of the ceremony and they should both be given equal kudos. So, we’ve put together some tips to help men looking for advice on choosing their wedding ring.

Things to consider

Ok, so the bride’s ring does kind of take precedence in the sense that, traditionally she picks hers first. But that shouldn’t limit your options too much. It just gives you a few things to consider.


Do you want your wedding band to match or contrast with that of your betrothed? Do you want something that is low-maintenance or are you happy to put in the time and/or money to keep your ring looking its best? Is hers elaborate or classic, and does that influence your decision? 

You need to think about how they will look next to each other. Just like married couples, there is no exact science but the two must be compatible.

Are you going for gold?

A yellow gold ring is the absolute classic. Some men like a plain ring while others prefer some engraving. For a modern look, white gold, rose gold or platinum offer something a bit more contemporary. 

But you’re not limited to just gold. These days, there are other options out there to think about.

Finishing touches

There are so many options for men’s wedding rings these days. Modern men are seen sporting textured rings, elaborate designs and even diamond accents. Essentially, when it comes to men’s wedding ring designs, there are no longer any limits. 

#1- Comfort fit classic wedding band

If you are looking for a classic wedding ring for him, you can go with this comfort fit, no-diamond, plain wedding ring in different colors, gold metals and widths. For a man who prefers more intricate designs, milgrain bands are a great choice.


#2- Diamond Wedding Bands

There’s a vast array of diamond wedding bands in the market, but the most popular men’s diamond wedding rings are the ones with a single diamond, channel-set diamonds and multi-diamond with minimal, masculine designs. 




#3-Men’s Brushed Wedding Bands

With a soft matt finish, brushed wedding rings are the perfect choice for a modern & contemporary look. This style is very popular because in case the ring gets scratched, it will not show up easily on the ring's surface.





#4- Hammered and/or Carved Wedding Band

Choose from our modern hammered finish men’s wedding rings with a unique rugged look.



#5- Alternative Metal Bands

Carbon fiber or titanium mixed with 14k gold is not only voguish, but a great choice as they are chemical-resistant and temperature tolerant.




 Buying your wedding ring should be a moment of joy!!!

It takes you one step closer to the big day and is one of those moments that starts to make things feel real. So enjoy it. For help and advice on choosing wedding rings in Vancouver, you can pop into any of the Arctic Fame stores to chat to an expert and browse. Don’t be shy, come in and see us.




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