The Who, What Wear of Choosing a Diamond Ring

The Who, What Wear of Choosing a Diamond Ring


Choosing the perfect diamond, whether for yourself or your loved one, is the same as choosing an outfit or hairstyle – it should enhance natural beauty.

Apart from their dazzling sparkle, glittering fire and stunning scintillation, one of the joys of diamond is the huge array of shapes available to choose from. So, how do you decide which is perfect for you?

We’ve put together a selection of some of the most popular diamond shapes to help you decide.

Round Brilliant Diamond

Round cut diamonds

Round cut diamonds are perhaps the most popular choice of all. Stunning in its simplicity, a round cut diamond is perfectly symmetrical and displays 57 facets which allows light to disperse from all angles for perfect sparkle. This is the classic shape for a diamond engagement ring and suits almost every finger so you can’t go wrong with it.

 The most demanded setting with this shape, is Solitaire specially for bigger size diamonds.

Oval Cut Diamond

Oval cut diamonds

Oval cut diamonds combine the classic and the contemporary. The elongated shape of this cut makes the stone appear bigger than it is and helps to make fingers look longer and more slender. Keep the design clean, simple and elegant!

Pear Cut Diamond

Pear shaped diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds are uniquely designed to provide maximum fire and brilliance by fusing together the round and marquise cuts. Also known as a teardrop cut, pear shaped diamonds are shamelessly glamorous and have famously been worn by iconic celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor and David Beckham. The teardrop shape helps to lengthen the finger so this shape is ideal for shorter fingers.

Choose a setting that protects the sharp pointing angle like a v-shape prong, a bezel setting or halo setting.

Heart-Shaped Diamond

Heart shaped diamonds

A rarely seen choice, the heart shaped diamond is unique and bold. Featuring 56-59 facets, it provides wonderful sparkle and, of course, represents true love. This eye-catching design is a real head-turner. Modern and trendy, it doesn’t suit all tastes, but if you want an edgy, brash diamond with plenty of brilliance, this might be the one for you.


Princess Cut Diamond 

Princess cut diamonds

Full of elegant charm and sophistication, the princess cut diamond combines the brilliance and sparkle of a round cut with a more modern square shape. The square shape helps hide inclusions to help it look stunning in a range of carat sizes. It suits all types of hands and is a great choice for buying a diamond engagement ring on a budget.

 Another interesting look for a solitaire setting is to turn the princess cut diamond at an angle & give it a fancy look!


Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cut diamonds

The emerald cut diamond is an art deco style of cut which has made something of a comeback in recent years. Its square shape fits with contemporary style and the 57 elongated facets it displays ensure the stone’s clarity is there for all to see. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who likes to blend modern sophistication with the glamour of the roaring twenties.


Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamonds

Another square cut diamond, but with rounded corners that resemble a plumped up cushion. This is a very feminine style that exudes luxury. There is a traditional feel to this cut which displays immense fire and sparkle.

The cushion cut diamond is a great choice for anyone who likes a vintage look. Its width makes it ideal for wide fingers.


Marquise Cut Diamond

Marquise cut diamonds

Marquise cut diamonds are unadulterated luxury. The long, slender cut is glamorous in the extreme and helps make fingers look slender. The marquise cut is tapered and provides the illusion of greater length than it truly possesses. This is a wonderful choice for a diamond engagement ring as it oozes allure, elegance and beauty.

 If you have long fingers, go for a thick, nice band especially for bigger carats!


Asscher Cut Diamond

Asscher cut diamonds

A little-known but strikingly beautiful stone, the asscher cut diamond is an incredibly affordable diamond engagement ring. It is similar to the emerald cut and displays a ‘hall of mirrors’ style for added elegance.


Radiant Cut Diamond

Radiant cut diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds capture the glamour and sparkle of Hollywood in its heyday. It fuses together the classic round cut and contemporary square shape to form a stone that is a real statement piece in terms of shape and light reflection. Its large number of facets helps hide inclusions so you can afford to opt for color and carat weight over clarity. This is a piece that will command attention and is not for shy or retiring types.


The shape of a diamond should bring out the natural beauty of the wearer while also reflecting something of their personality. Think about whether this is a ring to be worn daily, in which case something simple and slightly more subtle like the round cut could be ideal, or will it be brought out for special occasions?

Your choice of diamond should also match the style of the wearer. A Bohemian look might require a vintage-looking diamond whereas a modern, contemporary style would lend itself more to a modern, square cut stone.


                                                                         Beth Behfar, Jewelry Blogger


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