The Verragio Collections

When you think of glitz and glamour, two things spring to mind – diamonds and New York City. Put the two together, and you get Verragio.

Verragio is a renowned name in the world of diamond jewelry. Every piece exudes cutting edge design and expert craftsmanship, perfect for the most special of occasions. Indeed, the very first ring ever produced by them was the wedding band that founder, Barry Verragio, gave to his wife when they sealed their love for one another.

Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, boasting unique designs in many of its collections. These include the Classic Collection, Venetian Collection, Parisian Collection, Insignia Collection and Couture Collection.

Not only is each collection unique, but each individual Verragio ring can be unique too. The standard designs in each collection feature intricate designs, which include the Verragio symbol. Each is available in platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, and the designs are enhanced with diamond stones for added lustre. It is a brand that radiates luxury.

And as if that wasn’t enough – Barry Verragio owns the patent for the Lumino Setting he created so it is exclusive to his collections. The Lumino Setting raises the center diamond thus allowing it to capture the maximum amount of light. The Lumino Setting in Verragio engagement rings exposes every facet of the diamond so it reflects light at all angles. The result is a cacophony of sparkle and fire that is unrivalled and will bring joy to the wearer and elicit delight and positivity to all those around.

Indeed, whichever Verragio ring you choose, you get high quality F-G color, VS clarity diamonds set in a design that combines modernity and classicism. The attention to detail is what makes these collections stand out. The designs are elaborate without being overly complicated, and unique while maintaining the essence of the brand.

Classic Collection

As you would expect the Classic Collection displays a classic engagement ring style. Bold and stylish, it gracefully wraps around the finger in a timelessly sophisticated way. The diamond is very much the star of the show but is enhanced by the elegantly smooth shape of the ring.

Venetian Collection

The Venetian Collection offers you the chance to design your own engagement ring. Choose the shape and cut of the stone that best suits you or represents the occasion. Plus, there are five choices of shank for your ring; Classic, Lido, Lace, Centro and Euro so your ring can be truly customized according to your preference.

The Venetian Collection is characterized by the romance and of the Renaissance period. Each ring displays a hint of the classical architecture and chic Italian fashion of the time.

Parisian Collection

Inspired by the City of Love, the Parisian Collection captures the style and romance of the city that still endures. Each ring features customizable shoulders and you can choose to have yours crafted with or without diamond accents. and a 14K retail price point starting at only $1700 USD, you won’t have to sacrifice quality and taste for cost.

Insignia Collection

The Insignia Collection features a unique draping design that evokes images of royal palaces. There can be no doubt when gazing at the sheer delicacy and magnificence of this collection that you are experiencing something majestic. The design enhances the natural beauty of the gemstone and is a great choice for those that want something a little different but still sophisticated.

Couture Collection

The Couture Collection shakes up the classic style and adds a different element. This design is characterized by its French beading; available in rose, white or yellow gold adds texture, which can also display additional color according to your taste. Clean lines and classic styles combined with a modern twist work in perfect harmony.

Verragio rings are defined by the side view, which, although different in each collection, is the calling card of the designer. Intricate yet elegant, each collection displays its own unique characteristics of sophistication and attention to detail. And with the added benefit of being able to choose your own stone and design, there can be no doubt that this is a brand with the wearer at the heart of everything it does.

They make the perfect engagement ring, but are equally suitable for an anniversary ring or just to surprise that special someone in your life with a gift that says you’ll love them until the end of time.

All Verragio rings are covered by a lifetime warranty, which protects your piece from any defects or wear and tear that are a result of craftsmanship.


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