The Pros & Cons of a Full Band Eternity Ring

So, you want to express your eternal love to your partner but you’re not sure how! Well, an eternity ring might be just the thing for you. As its name suggests, an eternity ring is a symbol that you will be together forever. Often bought as a third ring following the giving of an engagement and wedding ring, an eternity ring is traditionally given on the birth of your first child. 

Eternity rings can also be given to mark a significant anniversary or as part of the bridal set. Why and when you choose to present an eternity ring to your significant other is very much your choice. What is not in doubt is that giving it makes any occasion that bit more special.

Aside from deciding on which precious metal and stones should be included in your eternity ring, you also need to choose whether to buy a full band or half band ring. Originally, only full bands were available. These feature an unbroken loop of gemstones that goes right around the ring. There is no break in the display of stones and this symbolises the couples’ eternal love for one another.

These days, half band eternity rings are also available due to practicality and affordability. So, here we’re going to look at the pros and cons of buying a full eternity band to help you decide which is best for you:


Sparkle – Eternity rings traditionally contain diamonds and the more there are, the more it will capture and reflect light to create fire and brilliance. While colored gemstones may not reflect the light in the same way, the complete ring of color boasts a similar aesthetic.

Neutralize Spinning – Rings spin – there’s no way around it. When a traditional engagement ring or half band eternity does so, the stone(s) can become lost under your fingers. With a full eternity band, no matter how the ring moves, you’ll always be sporting those precious stones.

Symbolism – If the symbolism of an eternity ring is important to your partner, a full band eternity ring may be your best choice. Some wearers feel that only the full eternity band is the true symbol of everlasting love that an eternity ring is designed to be.

Occasion wear – A full band eternity ring can be a great piece to have in your jewelry arsenal even if you don’t wear it every day. It is a statement piece and will earn its place at any special occasion.


Cost – Full band eternity rings are more expensive than their half band alternative as they require twice as many stones. Obtaining stones of equal size can also be tricky and a full band ring is more difficult to make than a half band. The jewelers’ additional time and skill is also reflected in the cost.

Sizing – The skill involved in creating a full band eternity ring means precision is key to getting the size perfect. This also means that resizing ranges between very difficult and impossible as there is no ‘wiggle room’ on the ring.

Repairs – Rings typically suffer more wear on their underside. With half band eternity rings, the brunt of the wear is borne by the precious metal. With a full band ring, the stones are subject to greater wear so they can require more maintenance.

Discomfort – Full eternity bands with prongs often rub on your second and fourth fingers. This can be annoying and can make them impractical for some daily tasks. They also tend to be bulkier which can make them feel uncomfortable for daily wearing.


It’s important to think about when, where and how often an eternity ring will be worn before investing in one. If your partner will want to wear it every day as part of her trinity of rings, a half band might be more suitable.

Budget and maintenance costs should also play a part in your decision. If the symbolism or glamour of a full band eternity ring are essential, you may be better advised to wait until you have the money for the ring she really wants before buying. After all, you will only buy one eternity ring.

                                                                           Beth Behfar, Jewelry Blogger

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