most popular trends in diamond engagement rings in 2021


You’ve no doubt heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend – and with good reason. A diamond ring can be worn anywhere and everywhere. It is a stone that will last and, when set properly into a quality precious metal ring, it will last for years. Engagement is a life-changing moment and something to share with the world – what else is Instagram for? A diamond engagement ring affords you or the love of your life that opportunity. It doesn’t need to be hidden away for special occasions. A diamond engagement ring is built to last.

And with Canadian diamonds, you give the gift of elegance and longevity 100% guilt-free. Canadian diamonds are mined to the highest possible standards to ensure they are ethically sourced and do not fund illegal activity.

Diamond engagement rings are the ultimate token of love. They have survived the centuries and continue to dazzle and delight. Whether you are looking for a classic diamond engagement ring such as a round solitaire or a more contemporary design, there is something to suit everyone and every budget.

But what are the most popular trends in diamond engagement rings in 2021?

As ever, diamond engagement ring trends for 2021 are being led by celebrities. And there was no bigger engagement to kick off the new year than that of Ariana Grande to Dalton Gomez (alright, technically it was in December 2020, but let’s not get pedantic). News of the engagement went viral after Ms Grande posted a picture of her ring on Instagram, with over 15 million likes in 24 hours. And boy what a ring!

Dalton’s token of commitment features a classic oval-shaped diamond and the quality is clear from the picture alone. Set in what appears to be platinum, the ring sets the tone for one of the trends already showing as popular in 2021 – classic with a twist alludes to that moment 100 years ago when the world was free form the grip of a world war and free to socialize once more – when Art Deco was a symbol of luxury and freedom. The 2020’s look set to ‘roar’ in the same way.

But fashion never quote goes in perfect cycles and this nod to the 1920s is enhanced by the addition of a pearl. Side-stones are another trend that is building up this year and the story behind Ms Grande’s choice is one that will resonate with many of us. In 2014, the star posted an image of a pearl ring which her Nonna had made for her. That ring featured a pearl taken from her Grandad’s tie pin which Nonna said would ‘protect’ Ariana. Early indications are that side-stones packed with sentiment are going to be a new trend throughout the year.

And this is not an entirely new idea. In 2017, Prince Harry presented Meghan Markle with a ring featuring 3-carat cushion cut center stone with two side diamonds which had belonged to his mother, Princess Diana.

A pearl diamond also formed the centerpiece of Bella Thorne’s engagement ring. The actress said ‘yes’ to Benjamin Mascolo in March and was presented with a beautiful ring featuring a pear diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. This ring perfectly pairs the teardrop shape that represents tears of joy, with a classic diamond halo that provides added sparkle and enhances the center stone. (Pearl Diamond, Pear Diamond Engagement Rings)

On New Year’s Day 2021, tennis legend Maria Sharapova took to the social media platform to show off her diamond engagement ring. Ms Sharapova’s ring also features a classic style of cut. Her emerald cut diamond ring includes the traditional button-back technique from the UKs Georgian era which encases the back of the diamond in gold to increase the refraction of the light. This technique results in added depth to the stone.

Ms Sharapova’s ring is sizable without being impractical and once again displays a combination of the old and the new. The emerald cut diamond is set in rose gold for a modern outlook on a classic design.

Lily Collins also displayed a square stone in her ring as she and fiancé, writer-director Charlie McDowell, announced their engagement in September last year. Like Ms Sharapova, Ms Collins opted for an old-fashioned cut – in her case a rose cut diamond – set on a gold ring.

Rose gold also featured on the ring given to Shantel VanSanten by Victor Webster. Ms VanSanten’s ring sees a large oval diamond set across a rose gold band. It is an unashamedly glamourous piece with the elegance of the oval-shaped diamond adding alluring elegance.

And speaking of large diamond engagement rings, how can we leave out Paris Hilton. The entrepreneur and socialite got engaged to Carter Reum in February with just the type of ring you would expect – a flamboyant 10 – 20 carat, emerald-cut diamond center stone framed by two shield-cut diamonds. The ring reportedly cost £1m and, while that may be a little out of many budgets, the custom-designed style (aptly named The Paris) is another example of adding a touch of personalization to a diamond engagement ring while still using the sparkle, scintillation and luxurious look of a girl’s best friend which simply can’t be matched.

This sense of creativity is another theme being reported by engagement ring designers across the globe. Celebrities seem to have always had the means to create the engagement ring of their choice and choose elaborate designs, but increasingly we’re seeing this sense of individuality emerging across the entire engagement ring market.

Designers believe this new trend reflects the slower pace of life which was forced upon us during lockdown and, while incredibly frustrating at times, encouraged us to allow our creativity to come to the fore. Adults were transported back to their childhood where they were given limited resources and plenty of time, and expected to make their own entertainment. This freedom amid captivity reawakened the imaginative streak in many people and this is being reflected in the increased demand for bespoke designed rings.

Gwen Stefani was another celeb to show off her engagement ring late in 2020. Ms Stefani’s huge diamond – estimated to be between 6 – 8 carats, was more in keeping with the traditional extravagance of celebrity engagement rings but nonetheless followed a similar emerald cut to that of Maria Sharapova. The emerald cut certainly seems to be popular right now, but with each wearer having their own unique spin on it.

Diamond engagement rings have always been, and will always be, the ultimate in stunning design. History has shown that diamonds will never go out of fashion and that, like gold and platinum, they will always be a sign of quality, luxury and commitment.

That, after all, is the reason this precious stone is paired with these precious metals. After many centuries of diamond cutting, it’s no surprise that the most visually stunning cuts are well-established. But that doesn’t mean diamond engagement rings have to look traditional. There will, of course, in most circumstances be a desire to include one of the classic styles of cut that provide the sparkle and scintillation associated with this most beautiful of gemstones. But what we are seeing as we move towards a post-Covid world – one in which wedding plans are once again becoming a realistic expectation rather than a hopeful gaze into the distance – is that combining traditional diamond ring styles with a modern approach to design and a little bit of that creative flair that has been rekindled in all of us, can produce stunning designs in which the only limit is imagination. When it comes to 2021 trends in engagement rings, the world really is your oyster.

                                                                                Beth Behfar, Jewelry Blogger

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