Low Profile or High Profile Diamond Engagement Rings?

High setting or low setting diamond engagement rings

When selecting an engagement ring, the height of it might not be considered other than in an aesthetic sense for guys. But you should think about an engagement ring in practical terms too. A high or bulky stone may not be the best solution, particularly for a modern woman who lives an active lifestyle. So, let’s take a look at what a low profile engagement ring is and why you might want to consider it when shopping for an engagement ring.

What is a low profile engagement ring?

A low profile engagement ring (sometimes known as a low set engagement ring) features a setting that sits low in the band of the ring. Whereas the archetypal engagement ring often displays a stone that is held up in the air, with a low profile ring, the stone sits close to your finger and is flush or near-flush with the head of the ring

Why Choose a Low Profile Engagement Ring?

There can be many different reasons for choosing a low profile engagement ring.

  •  It might simply be that the wearer doesn’t want something too flashy. Women who prefer an understated engagement ring may choose it simply for the look.
  • Others may be swayed by the lifestyle they lead. Women who take part in endurance events, for example, but don’t like the idea of having to remove their engagement ring each time they compete, might go for a low profile ring for practical reasons.
  • Likewise, if their job involves using their hands, a low profile engagement ring may be more practical. Healthcare workers who regularly put on and take off rubber gloves will find a bulky ring impractical and in other professions such as teaching, it might be unsuitable too.

Higher stones can catch on fabrics so may not be the ideal choice if you wear sweaters or other fabrics that might get damaged. This also helps protect the ring itself. A higher center stone is more likely to hit against surfaces and become dislodged or damaged, but most of the women chose them over the low setting as they look shinier due to letting light in and out and therefore more sparkles!


Types of Low Profile Engagement Ring Designs

Choosing a low profile engagement ring shouldn’t mean having to massively limit your options. Many stones and styles are available. Some of the most popular are:

  • Halo - If you want a glamorous ring without the bling, a halo setting gives you maximum glitz with minimum height
  • Three stone – A three stone low profile engagement ring will give the appearance of being bigger than it is. If you choose a three stone ring with baguette or any other fancy shape accent stones, it will help to lengthen the fingers and subtly add size to the stones
  • Twisted -  A twisted diamond engagement ring with pave shank shows that a low profile doesn’t have to be plain. The shank brings the texture and interest , while the stone brings the glamor and sparkle – a perfect combination that proves low profile rings are no compromise
  • Bezel set –  classic bezel solitaire ring with low profile is perfect for the wearer who wants a stylish, traditional looking diamond engagement ring that is elegant and practical

A low profile engagement ring offers many different options and can be the ideal practical solution for many modern women. Prices are similar and at Arctic Fame, our diamond experts can help you narrow down the ideal ring for you that meets all your requirements as well as being suitable for everyday use.


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High setting image 1

High setting image 2

High setting image 3

High setting image 4


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