Diamond Shopping Secrets


So, you’ve decided you want to buy diamonds? Well, you’re in good company. Royals, celebs and romantics have been delighting in the shimmer and scintillation of this stunning gemstone for years. But if you’ve never been diamond shopping before, it can feel quite intimidating. 

You can find yourself asking questions like:

  • What does carat weight mean? 
  • What cut should I go for?
  • What does color even mean in diamonds – I thought they were clear!

Well, don’t panic. It’s perfectly normal to be a little apprehensive when buying diamonds. After all, it’s almost certainly for a significant occasion or a special someone so you want to make sure you get it just right.

# 1  Buying loose diamonds instead of ready to ship jewelry pieces

There can be many reasons for buying loose diamonds rather than premade diamond rings or necklaces. 

  • You can get a better look at the diamond (sure, you may not be an expert but you know what you like)
  • Loose diamonds can be more affordable
  • You may not yet know exactly what you want to do with it


Shopping for loose diamonds is like viewing puppies; they’re all stunning but there will be one that will catch your eye and make you fall in love. And one thing we know about diamonds is that each one is unique. So, if you see one you just can’t resist but haven’t decided how you want to wear it, it’s best to buy it anyway and worry about what to do with it later.

Because let’s face it, helping design the piece of jewelry that will show off your gorgeous gemstone is the stuff of dreams!


# 2 Ask If your diamond is Eye-clean 

When you start researching loose diamonds or wholesale diamonds, you’re bound to come across the phrase ‘eye-clean’ diamonds. As the term suggests, these are diamonds that are ‘clean’ to the naked eye.

Because of the way they are formed – under huge heat and pressure – diamonds include natural flaws or imperfections. The clarity of a diamond is determined by the absence of flaws and the grading is done by professionals using specialist equipment.


Each diamond is graded so you can trust the clarity as determined by the certificate but maybe go for a larger carat weight so you get more for your money or just get a diamond which is cheaper due to its grading but still provides that all-important sparkle.

# 3 relish the moment

Ok, so you don’t know all the terms – but you’re a high-end customer so say what you want, even if it’s just ‘a square stone’. 

If you ask us for ‘a square stone’, we’ll show you the options and you can choose which is right for you or your loved one. Enjoy educating yourself about this precious stone and don’t hesitate to ask a trusted jeweller to help you out. 

If you want to know a bit more about the 4 Cs to help you make a more informed decision, ask us about them. We don’t just sell diamonds – we bloody love diamonds, so we really don’t mind talking about them!

# 4 Educate yourself not to get overwhelmed with extra information

Read up on the 4 Cs, have a look at current fashions and, of course, make sure you check out the classic cuts. You want to have some idea in your mind what it is you’re looking for before you start shopping. But keep an open mind – you never know when you might get that WOW that you’re after.


# 5 Ask for Diamond Shopping ethics 

If you’ve seen the film Blood Diamonds, you’ll understand why it created a market for ethically sourced diamond jewelry. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to mined diamonds available – you just need to know where to look. 

Diamond simulants such as  moissanite or cubic zirconia share many of the aesthetic properties of diamonds but not their physical composition. These are far cheaper alternatives if you just want sparkle. But if ethical ‘real diamonds’ are your bag, lab grown diamonds are just that. Created in a lab under conditions that replicate the natural formation of diamonds, lab grown stones tick both boxes – and they’re cheaper than mined stones!


# 6 Know your budget 


Once you start to look at the various loose diamonds available, you’ll begin to know what you like in each stone. This process will help you determine exactly what you want from the stone. But if one that you want is way out of your price range, discuss what it is you like about it with an advisor. They may well be able to find you an affordable alternative that ticks all your boxes.

#7 Being an expert in diamond is not a prerequisite

So, you know that being an expert in diamonds is not a prerequisite to shopping for diamonds, why not take a look at our range of diamond jewelry to start forming your opinion on what you want or get in touch if you have any further questions.

Shopping for diamonds should never be a chore. It is a wonderful experience full of glamour and luxury. It’s your opportunity to be like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman – so enjoy it!

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