Big Mistakes When Buying Diamonds for Engagement Rings


If you’re new to buying diamonds, it can seem more than a little intimidating at first. You will no doubt have heard terms such as ‘carat weight’, clarity, cut and color, but you might not know exactly what they mean in relation to diamonds. Often, people’s first foray into diamonds is an engagement ring – so it needs to be just right!

So, we’ve put together a list of the biggest mistakes people make when buying diamonds to help you make sure you don’t follow the same path.

# Focusing too much on carat weight

Many first time buyers fall into the trap of thinking that a bigger carat weight means a better diamond. But it’s important to remember that carat weight is just one element of the way diamonds are graded. So, be sure to take all 4 Cs into consideration and not focus solely on weight.

It’s also worth considering a 0.97 carat diamond rather than a 1 carat as a small difference in weight can mean a big difference in price.

# Not giving enough consideration to cut

Cut is an important factor in the price and look of your diamond. If you’re buying on a budget, choosing a fancy cut can effectively get you more for your money. A fancy cut diamond looks bigger than a round cut one of the same carat weight. 

If sparkle and brilliance are your most important factors, a round or oval cut will be more up your street. Cut is more important here than size or weight so, again, it’s important to look across all the 4 Cs even if your preference is based more on one aspect than another.

# Spending too much on your ring setting

When you buy diamond jewellery, the diamond is the star of the show. The ring setting needs to complement and enhance the gemstone, not deflect attention. If you spend too much of your budget on the ring setting, you lessen the quality of the diamond it will display and detract from the beauty of the stone that should be the centrepiece.

# Choosing a high-grade metal

If you’ve got the budget and particularly want 18k gold, that’s perfect. But often, you can save money on the ring by choosing a 10k or 14k metal. These are more affordable and also more rigid and scratch resistant. That means they are easier to care for and less likely to become damaged and cause the diamond to come loose. This is of particular consideration when buying a diamond engagement ring which is intended for daily wear.

# Buying D -IF diamonds

These are the best quality diamonds and, naturally, their price reflects that. But, in truth, for diamond jewellery they are an unnecessary expense. G-H SI1 or SI2 diamonds are what are known as best value diamonds. Put simply, this means that any imperfections are not visible to the naked eye. So, in terms of the aesthetics of your diamond, they are no better or worse than those graded D-IF – but they do cost less. 

Different people have different motivations when buying diamonds so there is no definitive list of what to look out for or what to avoid. The most important thing is to understand that what you want from your diamond will determine which of the 4 Cs matter most to you for each purchase. 

# Being too much Stressed about the surprise

Most of the time you get overwhelmed with too much information on the diamond quality that you can easily distract yourself from “her desired setting”! If she is very classic, do not go for a multi-diamond or a big halo setting with lots of accent diamonds ; Instead keep it low-key and classic like a solitaire or a solitaire with some accent diamonds. If she is more of a fashionista kinda girl looking for more blings and sparkles, you can go with fancy shaped diamonds and more side diamonds to add up to the glitz and glamour!

Usually, the right diamond for you will take into accounts something of each of the Cs. Which brings us to the single most important factor when buying diamonds…

# Choose the right jeweler

Any diamond purchase is a significant investment. There is the financial investment, of course, but you are also marking a significant event. Even if you’re not buying diamond jewellery for an engagement or other milestone, it will be a piece to be cherished. So, it’s vital that you buy from a reputable jeweler you know you can trust. 

At Arctic Fame, we’re proud to have won the Canada Mark Award 2016 which celebrates creative excellence alongside honesty and integrity in the way we operate. With more than 30 years of experience in creating stunning diamond jewellery, and a reputation for bespoke designed one-of-a-kind diamond engagement rings, you know you’re in good hands with us. 

Our team includes experts in diamonds and fine jewellery at our stores across Vancouver. We also have master goldsmiths onsite offering services such as ring sizing and repairs, and creating the custom jewellery you’ve always dreamed of owning. 

So, whatever your requirements, we can help you find the right diamond jewellery for the occasion.

In addition, all our diamonds are responsibly sourced in line with the requirements of the Kimberley Process. Every gemstone is guaranteed conflict-free and can be traced back to its original source. So, you can shop with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your jewellery has been manufactured with respect for human rights and the environment.

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