7 Common Questions About Lab-Grown Diamonds

1. Are lab grown diamonds as good as natural diamonds?

Yes. Lab grown diamonds are graded in the same way as natural diamonds, with the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat weight) determining their quality.


2. Are lab grown diamonds environmentally friendly?

In short, yes. Growing a diamond in a laboratory requires significantly less energy than removing one from the ground. 


3. Are lab grown diamonds conflict-free?

Yes, The Kimberley Process, introduced in 2000, was brought in to prevent the trade in blood diamonds. There is no mining involved with lab grown diamonds so they are sustainable conflict-free diamonds.


4. Are lab grown diamonds cheaper?

Yes, lab grown diamonds are more affordable than mined diamonds so you will get a bigger, better diamond for the same price if you choose to buy lab grown.


5. Are lab grown diamonds sought after?

Yes and No. Lab grown diamonds are sought after predominantly for ethical reasons, so yes. On the other hand, they don't hold up their value in the resale market.


6. Are lab grown diamonds all the same?

Absolutely not! Lab grown diamonds are not manufactured, they are the result of the conditions required to produce diamonds naturally being recreated. This means that, just like naturally produced diamonds, each lab grown diamond is unique too. When you own a lab grown diamond, you own a one-of-a-kind gemstone.


7. Can you get colored lab grown diamonds?

Hell yeah! Colored diamonds make up less than 1% of the mined global diamond market, hence their price, so you can imagine how much cheaper coloured lab grown diamonds are. 


                                                                         Beth Behfar, Jewelry Blogger

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