Rado Watches Vancouver


It’s no surprise that Rado watches have come to represent quality, beauty and durability. This iconic Swiss watch manufacturer has been at the forefront of its industry for 7 decades and pioneered the use of high-tech ceramic in creating stunning, timeless timepieces. High-tech ceramic provides aesthetic properties with comfort and stability that have been a hallmark of Rado since the brand was established in the 1950s. And we’re proud to offer Rado products to customers at our Park Royal store in Vancouver.

Over the years, Rado has set new standards in watchmaking. One of the first products it brought to market was the ‘Green Horse’ which was launched in 1957 and featured a moving logo. The ‘Green Horse’ was one of the first Rado watches to be advertised as water resistant and the success of this luxury watch led to the design of the Green Horse range of watches that is still popular today.

In 1962, the Diastar 1 took Rado in a direction that would lead to its position today as the leader in cutting-edge watchmaking technology that combines luxury and durability. The use of hard metal and sapphire glass was ground breaking and saw Rado produce the first scratch-resistant wristwatch.

Rado continued to bring innovation to watchmaking but it would be more than 20 years before the Integral introduced the world to what has become Rado’s signature material – high-tech ceramics. High-tech ceramics is an incredibly durable material that is hardwearing and resistant to scratches.

1981 saw a curved design for additional comfort as Rado continued to take watch design to new heights and in the 1990s, cermet (a titanium-based ceramic fused with metal) and plasma high-tech ceramics were added to its design arsenal. These days, Rado watches come in a wide choice of colors to suit all tastes and any look. But at the heart of every Rado watch is that familiar synergy of toughness and sleek, minimalist design.

And in 2000, the new millennium was greeted by the Rado V10K which was coated in high-tech diamond for the ultimate in luxury, style and scratch-resistance.

Every watch in the Rado collection at our Park Royal store displays the perfect balance of chic design and exceptional comfort. Whatever the weather, whatever your body temperature, high-tech ceramic naturally adapts so it will never feel uncomfortable. And the strength of the material means it stays looking great for years to come. A Rado watch really is a watch for a lifetime.

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