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5 Amazing Vintage Shopping Tips!

Dresses are by far the most picked over spot on the racks. Unless you're walking in with aspecific dress goalor into a specialty shop, don't bother. The more time you sift through those shoulder-padded, 80's bouffant or slightly yellowed rejects, the less time you'll spend on other rackswhere the hidden gems could be!

Shop the Fabric

There are five strategic places where a seasoned vintage shopper knows to look. And it's really broken down by thematerial that's good to source vintage, i.e. a smart investment. Key to the vintage lifestyle is shopping pieces that were made stronger to last longer, including the finer things. Basically, it's best to shop the old adage, "They don't make 'em like they used to."

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1. Denim

Not jeans,denim. Made from cotton twill fabric and invented for the wear of miners and railway workers by yes, one Levi Strauss denim isn't only built to last; it's protective to the wearer. Premium vintage denim from the 1940's to the 1960's is highly collectible and can exceed $500. Food for Thought: Motorcycle riders prefer denim for added safety on the road. In the style case of the "American rebel," fashion actually followed function.

Girls' denimwas popularized in the late 60's and early 70's. Favored styles like wide-leg, high-waisted and primary colored"jeans" also feature strong, stretch-free denim!

2.Leather & Fur

Like denim,leather lasts decades(literally) and conforms to your body over time. While leather will withstand tough wear, even fur and suede can last up to a century! Quick Trick : Blow on the fur, seriously. If it makes a circle, it's real. Properly caring for these organic fibers makes all the difference. It's good to have garment bags, mothballs (non-toxic) and a cool, dry place for off-season storage.

Recycled clothes are good for the world!Nowhere is this more evident than infur and leather goods. Curbing our consumption of animal-based products is an important step toward ethical shopping. By buying vintage leather jackets, boots, bags, wallets, gloves, suede jackets, shoes, fur coats, stoles and hats, weare putting existing animal by-products to fantastic re-use. We heart animals!

3. Lingerie & Undergarments

In the mood for dress shopping? Remember our first rule? Well,skip dresses and shop lingerie!Finer and more feminine than what most vintage dress racks offer, we love shopping gorgeous silk slips.Fabric knowledge is a major plus when shopping lingerie. Quick Trick: No elastic waistbands or adjustable straps! Slips made in the 1950's or later are often synthetic, meaning rayon, nylon or polyester. To spot real silk slips, consider fabric weight, fixed straps & waistlines (no stretch!), bias cuts and hand-sewn hemlines. To our eyes, a real vintage silk slip looks like a modern day gown.

Victorian cotton & lacebed dresses, tops and bloomers also get paired into lingerie. They're perfect summer clothes! Heavier Victorian cotton night shirts made for winter (men's & women's) hit just below the knee, and often have personalized monograms. Belt it, you've got a shirt dress!

4. Military, Wool & Trench Coats

Army cargo jackets are pretty common these days. If you already have one (or two), still make a point to look formen's wear piecesthat get lumped in with military stuff. High school band jackets, Victorian wool coats, and classic Aquascutum trenches are just a few of our regular finds. Since military wear heavily influences men's wear design, strong shoulders, structural lapels and regimented button arrangements are timeless details that narrowly fluctuate with trends.

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