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Something about Marriage

Many of my blogger friends are getting married this year, and many of my blogger friends are happily married. Now I always thought that "how can two people face each other, forever?' I love marriage, they are beautiful and a symbol of beginning. A new hope. But ones, young and realistic people like me will wonder. Especially with the influence of the media, where artist change partner like they change clothes. I ever thought once that I will not get married. So pathetic right? hahaha But I've found the answer. and a man that change my perception. Well, nobody is perfect, I can expect they are and I myself are not.

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I know marriage has it's ups and downs. But I think if you found the right person, the one you love and want to spend all your life with, no matter how bad the situations gets, you'll always stick around

Well I hope you all that are planning a wedding this year had a smooth journeydon't let the stress of planning get you and enjoy the preparations people! I am excited for all of you ^_^

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