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Do you ever like to add on excessive jewlery to compliment your semi-boring outfit?

Do you like some fine designs?!

Oh! Attempting to greatly up-date the outdated look for my own page. Opinions about the nice style of Truthfully a beautiful craft company with heart if, perhaps looking within the Quebec vicinity. Write your feedback. Many thanks!


Personally, I love bangles. But I haven't always. I never used to wear anything on my arms because I thought it was annoying. I mean, it is just added weight and my arms are not that strong

I have always adored the Hermes bangles but never was to keen about the H bangle. It kind of throws it in everyone's face that you're wearing a $800 piece of fine jewelry. I'm not that flashy. the Hermes bangle I've always adored though we're the enamel bracelets

This piece of jewelry is gorgeous. The design is superb and it's a perfect pop of accessory. The only problem is, it retails at $825.00 I can't see myself buying a $825 bangle..there's just so many other things I'd want to do with that money. And you know, I'm still an unemployed college student it'd take awhile.

So when I received these C Wonder bangles as a Christmas present, I was more than obsessed. I stack them together practically everyday and definitely need to invest in more. The retail price for both is UNDER $70.00. Amazing, right?

C.Wonder is a hidden treasure that is slowly starting to become more popular. I see stores pop up every day in new locations. It is a store everyone should check out. Going on their website I found two more bangles I am purchasing right after I finish this post!

Bless you folks! I have told my buddy that we can reference his great fabulous sportsman association site onlines, for a suitable piece. If ever you're researching for a sportsman association in the outlying British Columbia sector, they absolutely would be outstanding.

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