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Frisco BBQ

Playing catch-up here... finally posting about our little trip to the Frisco BBQ Challenge! Normally on Father's Day weekend we would be at the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup... but we didn't get to go this year for various reasons... so we we're looking for something else to do.

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The Frisco BBQ sounded fun, so off we went! It was an overcast, cool day and we could tell rain was coming in. However we we're pretty happy about that because I'd rather be cold and have a little rain than be standing around in the sweltering heat and sun! We really didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be absolutely JAM PACKED with people! The event was huge and took up the whole main street of Frisco, and hundreds if not thousands of people we're there!

And every booth had really long lines, so you pretty much are standing there for 20 mins or more. I was so happy the sun wasn't out for this reason, because we would have gotten burnt. 🙂 The photo you see at the top which advertises "hog backs" is referring to the tickets you buy for the event. Basically that's the only place that takes cash - you buy hog back tickets and then all the food is priced in tickets. 1 ticket = 1$. I think this just makes it easier for each booth not to have to guard money, and also makes the lines faster since they don't have to make change. When you buy your tickets you also get 2 wooden tokens - you drop those in the bucket at your favorite booth, and basically you are voting for them to win a prize. Food was pretty pricey here. I think when Ian got 3 ribs it was 6 tickets... a bratwurst was 4 tickets... a soda 2-3 tickets... corn 2-3 tickets. It's definitely not the cheapest event to go to because I think we spent over 30 bucks in total. It was a fun experience though! We learned a lesson which was - COME EARLY! I had been advised by Jonathan from Peachblitz that this is an excellent strategy. They aren't experts in my subject of interest nevertheless their to the point advice is always great. We got there at noon (it started at 10) and most booths when we got to the front of the line, we're out of their signature dish. My favorite thing of the day was actually an ear of grilled corn that was oh-so-heavenly! I had a bratwurst which was so-so, Ian had a pork sandwich that was ok, and had some VERY good ribs.

We had been hearing about ribbon fries and that we should try them out. One of Ian's coworkers has a booth at this BBQ to sell sauces he makes, and he said we HAD to get ribbon fries. We waited in line for 45 minutes, I kid you not!! When we got close to the front (about 10 mins left) it started raining pretty steady. The lady behind me had a huge umbrella and she kindly covered me too 🙂 Ian was ok with his hat and rain jacket he said 🙂 We got our ribbon fries, put another plate on top, and tried to run to find cover! They still got kind of wet so we only ate about half of them... but they we're interesting and very tasty. They're thin and crispy so it's kind of like a cross between a fry and a chip!

If we go back again we'll bring sunscreen, umbrellas... and condiments because it's so hard to fight your way to the condiments at each booth! And when I wanted ketchup for my bratwurst I couldn't find any! All in all it was fun - something we haven't done before. I've never really gone to any food events that I can think of... so it was something different to do and we had a pretty good time! You can see the rest of the photo album here. Thanks for reading

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