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How to Choose the Perfect Calling Card

Calling cards have been around since 1974. A company named SIDA was the first one to produce calling cards. In 1976, an Italian company launched the first calling card in the market. This card has a magnetic strip that can only be read by special devices. Calling cards we're not widely available until 1987. These cards we're distributed by the Group of World Telecom using their magnetic strip equipment, which is still used as magstripe today. Phone cards looks like credit cards and are used to pay for long distance, domestic or International telephone service.

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About 500 million phone cards have been sold annually over the past decade . These cards are easily purchased anywhere from gas stations or convenience stores. You can also buy calling cards online. With the facility of internet you can easily shop around and compare the rates of different cards so you will be able to get the best offers . Phone cards are the best way of communications, particularly for long distance calls. These cards provide you a reasonable way to stay connected with your friends, loved ones or business associates. The international calling cards have brought people close to one another from different parts of the world. Low cost calling cards have made it easier to keep in touch. They can also be very useful during emergencies.

When you are going to buy any phone card, you need to be careful that they are all not the same. Each card has different rates and fees . You should read the terms and conditions for any card and compare the services before making any purchase. That may sound better than it is to be done. Calling cards providers tend to stress per minute cost on the advertising copy, packaging and on the card itself. Unfortunately, per minute cost will not show you an actual picture of what you will pay. Several charges such as pay phone usage can be added to the price of using calling card. Usually, the lower the cost per-minute is higher the other surcharges may be.

There are many calling cards that have a per call cost or connection fees. Usually, this charge can be high enough to increase your actual cost. Some cards have higher fees for long distance calls. This price can tack on many dollars to a single call. Other surcharges may consist of tax or account maintenance fees. Before purchasing any calling card, you need to think about your calling habits . If you make short calls then the best card would be one that has the lowest connection and rounding fees. If you use to make less calls and talk for longer time then you need a card that have lowest per minutes charges but with some surcharges, which will provide you a good deal for your money. Usually people make different sorts of calls and may wish to carry a phone card of each situation. A prepaid phone card can provide you with many benefits. Just make sure to compare services before selecting which card to use so that you will obtain maximum advantage from your phone card!

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