More Jewelry Tips

Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your jewelry looking its best!

  1. Never use bleach, turpentine or ammonia to clean your jewelry.
  2. Clean jewelry with a special gold or silver cleaner, or just warm water and mild soap.
  3. Keep jewelry in boxes, holders, bags, hooks and compartments.
  4. Do not store jewelry together, it can get tangled, damage or scratch finer pieces.
  5. Excessive heat and temperature changes may fracture gems.
  6. Exposure to chemicals can damage and discolour precious metals; gold, silver, platinum.
  7. Remove jewelry before swimming in a chlorinated pool or before using household cleaners.
  8. When travelling try to pad your jewelry with the right case. Use the correct travel jewelry holder.
  9. Get your jewelry cleaned professionally when you can. Fame Diamonds offers you free cleaning when shopping anytime! Stop in and get your jewelry cleaned for free while custom designing your next piece with us.

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